SPAO x Sailor Moon 2021 collection

Who's ready for the SPAO x Sailor Moon 2021 Spring Apparel collection?🙋🏻‍♀️ The S/S 2021 Sailor Moon collection from SPAO has already caught many people’s interest with their irresistibly cute clothing items! And of course it caught our eyes too. Among our team, some members are fanatic and can’t wait to wear it themselves this upcoming Spring!

We decided to take a closer look at the items, to share how to style them, and how to sport them more casually! Note: All outfit combinations are made with items available at our shop to make sure the outfits are fully accessible to everyone.

Want to find out how to unite Sailor Moon into your Spring and Summer wardrobe? Read further to find out!

Sailor Moon Apparel in Popping colors & Fun Patterns for Spring

SPAO x Sailor Moon 2021 collection sweater

Popping colors, fun patterns and cute statement accessories make every Spring and Summer outfit perfect! For this outfit, we chose white and orange (in honor of gorgeous Venus), and wait - this outfit is much more versatile than you'd think!

The Sailor Moon, Luna & Artemis Button Up Shirt also comes in black and lilac, which can be paired with the Sailor Guardian Mini Skirt in navy. If you’re more like a dress person, then you can replace the skirt with the Sailor Guardian Icons Sundress that you can wear over or under the button shirt, depending on whether you want a more Western or more Korean style!

The Your Heart At My Feet Boots also come in black, so you can choose the boot colors depending on how light you want your whole outfit to look. Remember, the color of your shoes doesn't necessarily have to match, but light shoes will brighten the outfit, and dark shoes will give it a heavier, moodier look.

When the weather gets a bit chilly, you can wear a cozy Sailor Guardians Hooded Sweater and Sailor Guardians socks (available with all 5 Sailor Guardians!) and don’t forget - you can match with your bestie! And the best part? The hooded sweater and the socks are unisex so anyone can wear it, always, all the time, regardless of liking skirts or not!

P.S.: Our in house tomboy would wear this exact outfit with a loose Sailor Guardians Symbols Tee and shorts instead. :)

Korean Hongdae Street Fashion fused with Sailor Moon

Korean Hongdae Street fashion and Sailor Moon SPAO

In this outfit, we brought the Hongdae Street Fashion to Sailor Moon. The Sailor Moon Crystal Ringer Tee in navy and the Luna & Artemis embroidered cardigan in white make a classic color combination. Pair with a cute Heart Cut Out Jeans to boast the love even more and put on a white beret for some Sailor Venus vibes~ And of course, we add the most unique  Sailor Moon Sports Bag to pull it all together. (P.S. in the world of fashion you can easily wear a sporty bag as a casual bag) ;)

However, if Navy is not your thing, this bag also comes in white and PINK! That's right. In that case, you should grab the ringer tee in white, with a pink detail! Perfect with the bag. And, to top it off, a pink beret. 

Rock a Rebel look with Sailor Moon

Purple rock a Sailor Moon Guardian look SPAO 2021

For those who want to go FULL FAN MODE, here is another take on the Hongdae Street Style, with a more rebel look! The black boots paired with the black Sailor Moon, Luna & Artemis knit crop top and the black mini skirt just give out that bad girl vibe, and the Sailor Moon Loose Button Shirt brightens the outfit and keeps it fresh! Would it also look amazing with skinny or extra loose jeans? Yes, yes it would.

Summery Sailor Moon x SPAO 2021 Daily Codis

On a daily basis it may be a bit much to sport all of that. We all have other clothes we love just as much - and your teachers or office coworkers may not enjoy the exaggeration (we do, magic COSMOS St. loves some extra Sailor Moon).

So we have a few suggestions that basically speak for themselves!

SPAO x Sailor Moon 2021 - pleated skirt and shirt look

A simple Sailor Moon top and pleated mini skirt combination. Classic for a cuter look or a school girl vibes look.

SPAO x Sailor Moon 2021 -jeans and top
Your favorite Sailor Moon top and your favorite denim jeans! The best part about the SPAO x Sailor Moon collection is that it’s so casual it really doesn’t matter what you wear: it’s perfect for daily life and you will always look amazing!

SPAO x Sailor Moon 2021 - Classy looks

Wear your single most favorite item of this 2021 SPAO x Sailor Moon collection with some classic items to match it.

Magical Conclusion

To put it short, we at magic COSMOS St. love love love this collection! It makes our fangirl hearts flutter each time we set our eyes on these pretty items! It can be over the top or completely daily, and we mean casual to the point that only YOU know it’s sailor moon (which can be very comforting!) On days you feel like going all out, your outfit can scream out I LOVE SAILOR MOON! All SPAO x Sailor Moon 2021 apparel - yes, all the cute shirts, hoodies, sweaters, skirts, dresses, and socks - are currently available to shop at magic COSMOS St. 🌙

What would your Sailor Moon codi be? Please let us know in the comments as we would love to know!

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SPAO x Sailor moon 2021 APPAREl
SPAO x Sailor moon 2021 APPAREl
SPAO x Sailor moon 2021 APPAREl
SPAO x Sailor moon 2021 APPAREl
SPAO x Sailor moon 2021 APPAREl
SPAO x Sailor moon 2021 APPAREl
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